Christo & Jeanne-Claude

The artist Christo is about to hit the headlines once again with an installation that will float on the Serpentine Lake from 18 June to 23 September 2018. His previous works include “Wrapped Reichstag” in 1995 and 1983’s pink “Surrounded Islands” in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. His new project, the first since his series of walkways stretching 3km over Lake Iseo, will coincide with a Serpentine Gallery exhibition featuring more than 50 years of work by Christo and his late wife, the artist Jeanne-Claude.  It will be his firest major public outdoor work in the UK.  Wilson Stephens & Jones have a collection of framed lithographs all signed by Christo (and some by his late wife Jeanne-Claude as well) that we will be showing concurrently to the Serpentine works. These, together with some “Art Cards” in perspex boxes, come from a collection in the United States formed by someone who has worked alongside him for the past 30 year.


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